Wills, Successions, & Probate

It’s impossible to know what the future will bring, but with the help of an estate planning lawyer, it is at least possible to be prepared for whatever lies ahead. If you require assistance with estate planning, consider working with the esteemed Colbert Law Firm, L.L.C.

Wills And Personal Directives: Essentials For Estate Planning And Peace Of Mind

Estate planning is a complicated and emotionally-draining process, but it can be less so with the help of the right attorney. A talented estate planning lawyer can provide much-needed advice for clients unsure how they should proceed as they attempt to draft wills and other essential documents. From the creation of healthcare directives to decisions regarding executors, a talented attorney such as Edward W. Colbert, Jr. can provide the support clients need to make it through the complications of estate planning.

Probate And Succession In Louisiana

Estate planning differs greatly from one region to the next, but these differences are especially pronounced in Louisiana. Laws regarding inheritance are incredibly strict in this state, which is why one misstep can result in devastation for those named in wills and other estate planning documents. As such, it is absolutely essential for intended recipients to seek input from lawyers with a thorough understanding of local legislation.

One of the biggest differences between estate planning in Louisiana and other states is the distinction between probate and succession. Most states follow the probate approach, which involves the administering of an estate after an individual passes away. In Louisiana, this process is generally referred to as succession. If no will exists, succession is determined based on whether the estate is deemed community or separate property, as well as the value and the type of property left behind. Succession still takes place when there is a will, but with such a document provided, it is much easier for legal authorities to determine how property should be divided.

The Colbert Law Firm: A Trustworthy Estate Planning Resource

Although the drafting of wills and other documents is never easy, it is an essential process that, ultimately, grants both the individual creating the will and his or her successors valuable peace of mind. This challenging process can be made far easier with the assistance of a compassionate lawyer such as Edward Colbert. Equipped with a caring nature and a thorough understanding of the very specific succession laws in Louisiana, this respected lawyer is able to provide the ultimate in estate planning assistance for residents living in the Natchitoches area.

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