Criminal Defense

If you are facing criminal charges in Louisiana you need to find a criminal defense attorney immediately. Regardless of whether you are facing charges associated with a DWI, a misdemeanor charge or a felony charge, you have to ensure that your rights protected. It is never a good idea to answer any questions immediately after an arrest; oftentimes police will ask you seemingly innocent questions to solicit incriminating statements from you.

Facing criminal charges is never easy

Regardless of whether you are charged for a misdemeanor offense like petty theft or shoplifting or you are facing more serious assault charges, we understand you are probably feeling a bit intimidated and uncertain where to turn. However, a criminal defense attorney can help you understand why you were arrested and help you understand the process that will be required to either have the charges dismissed or reduced.

Penalties associated with convictions

Convictions for any type of crime can have long-term consequences. In addition to paying a fine and possibly facing jail time, you could also be forced to live with a criminal record. This could impact your opportunities for employment, hamper efforts to obtain credit and even prevent you from certain housing opportunities. Convictions on a DWI could also mean you are facing a loss of your driver’s license for a period of time and higher insurance costs once you get your right to drive restored. In some cases, you may lose your right to vote as well as your rights to carry a firearm.

Why take chances?

Even if you feel the charges you are facing are minor and you are certain you did nothing wrong, you should not fight any criminal charges on your own. Prosecutors take very aggressive action to ensure they present the strongest case possible against you and regardless of the circumstances of your arrest, you could be found guilty in spite of your best efforts to defend yourself.

After a conviction

Fortunately, even if you are found guilty of many crimes, you have the opportunity to have your record expunged. While this option is not available for some crimes, particularly violent ones, in some cases, we can help you have all criminal conviction information removed from your record.

If you are facing any type of criminal charges, you need an attorney who understands the legal system in Louisiana. Contact Colbert Law Firm, L.L.C. and let us review your case. We will fight rigorously to defend you against any charges you are facing.

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