Special Education and Anti-Bullying Advocacy

Louisiana has very good programs for parents of children with special needs. Those students who are developmentally delayed, have an emotional disturbance, hearing or vision impairment or have other challenges which make learning difficult for them are entitled to certain accommodations in school. As a Louisiana special needs advocate, I am committed to ensuring your child gets the services they need to apply themselves at school.

Louisiana’s special education process includes an eligibility determination, referrals for special services, evaluations and when necessary, reevaluations as well as development of an individualized education program for your child. Unfortunately, not all school systems work the same way and in some cases, you may need an advocate to help your child get the services that they are entitled to under both state and federal education guidelines.

As special needs advocates we can help parents with some of the following services:

  • Assistance with discipline – if you feel your special needs child has been subjected to inappropriate discipline in the school, we can help.
  • Service denials – if your child was denied an evaluation or a reevaluation, we can work with the school district on your behalf.
  • Transitional assistance – oftentimes as your child progresses from grade school to junior high and high school the schools may use different criteria for evaluations. We can help ensure they get the services they need for a successful transition.

Sadly, children with disabilities are often singled out by schoolmates for bullying and they often do not understand why they are being ostracized. School officials often overlook bullying or they are simply unaware of it. When your child is being bullied either at playgrounds or in school, they often withdraw and develop a fear of attending school.

It is important to understand that any child, not only those with physical or developmental disabilities may be subjected to bullying. This is unacceptable in any case and oftentimes parents do not know where to turn. At the Colbert Law Firm, L.L.C., we are committed to helping you, as a parent fight back against bullies and protect your child. We will serve as a strong advocate for their rights and their needs.

Bullying is never acceptable and if your child’s school is not handling cases of bullying correctly, you need an advocate to help. Some common types of bullying include:

  • Harassment
  • Emotional abuse
  • School hazing

At Colbert Law Firm, LLC we are committed to ensuring your child remains safe in school and if the school is not responding to bullying charges, we can help advocate either with school officials or when necessary, we can file a lawsuit to obtain an injunction against students or teachers who are engaging in behavior that is unacceptable.

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